Summary: This was the year that I bred the African Pied Crow and Bronze Winged Pionus for the first time.
Also bred were: Timneh Grey Parrots, Senegal Parrots, Cherry Finches, Mexican House Finches, Lineolated Parakeets, Java Doves, Diamond Doves, Zebra Finches, Canaries.

These species were in the aviaries: Meyers Parrot, Senegal Parrot, San Blas Jays, Rosa Bourkes Parakeet, Cherry Finches, Timmeh Grey Parrot, White Crested Laughing Thrush, Bronze Winged Pionus, White Tailed Jays, Black Throated Laughing Thrush, African Pied Crows, Rheas, Mexican House Finches, Lineolated Parakeets, Java Doves, Diamond Sparrows, Zebra Finches, Malibar Starlings, Blue Headed Pionus, Canaries, Cuban Finches, Java Sparrow, Peach Faced Lovebirds and Bengalease.

Meyers Parrots

This is a new species at Birdtrek.


October 20th, 2006

Egg in nestbox. Could be more than one.

Thu Nov 30, 2006

Sounds have been heard from the nestbox.


Senegal Parrots

Wed May 03, 2006

Senegal Parrot:
Currently eggs are being incubated.

Mon Jul 03, 2006

The warm weather seems to contribute to 'dead in shell' with this species. It is amazing that eggs will hatch in the middle of winter when the temperature is little above freezing better than in early summer.

Mon Oct 23, 2006

October 22nd.
Egg 1 in nestbox.


Sanblas Jays



Wed May 03, 2006

These are carrying twigs and coconut fibre and have started to construct a nest.


14 - 9 - 06
After thinking the breeding season was over for this species, they are now incubating eggs.


30 - 09 - 2006
Two babies about 5 days old were found on the aviary floor at the furthest point from the nest site. They had ample and a good selection of foodstuffs, and were not disturnbed by myself.
The only problem they had was a helicopter flying low about midnight which may have scared the hen off the nest at a crucial stage.

Rosa Bourkes


Wed May 03, 2006

These lovely pink parakeets are currently incubating eggs.


14 - 09 - 2006
The pair are now incubating eggs.


30 - 9 - 2006
All the eggs were infertile.

No doubt they will perform in 2007

Cherry Finches

Wed May 03, 2006

Their first attempt ended in the young perishing in the cold of the night. Their second batch of eggs have been fostered under the Bengalese.


Mon May 22, 2006

Two have fledged that have beed fed by Bengalese.


At least three babies have fledged from a hidden nest I had no idea was there.

Timneh Grey Parrots


Wed May 03, 2006

After a long settling in period we are currently hand rearing three healthy chicks.


Mon Jul 03, 2006

These have now been rehomed.
Further eggs can be expected around August time.


August 7th, 2006
Another pair have hatched young.

White Crested Laughing Thrushes



Mon May 22, 2006

Between the heavy showers yesterday a nest was spotted in the Leylandii in thier aviary. Despite having an area sheltered, they had chosen to nest in an area open to the elements. I presumed that their initial attempt had been 'washed out'.
However, today, the hen can clearly be seen sitting at the nest site.
I have noted before that their silence indicates that eggs are present, and while yesterday they were at full volume, today not a 'peep'.


Tue Jul 04, 2006

The 'dead in shell' eggs could be seen on the floor.


Tue Aug 08, 2006

One of the pair can be seen sat at the nest site.



Bronze Winged Pionus

Wed Jul 05, 2006

This pair have a baby hatched.
Being very tight sitters I have no idea how many eggs were laid, but the half shell from a newly hatched chich is unmistakeable.


Tue Aug 08, 2006

A baby from this pair is currently being hand reared.



White Tailed Jays

Fri Jul 28, 2006

After showing no sign of breeding, I have seen twig carrying, and the female leaving the nest site.



Black Throated Laughing Thrushes


Thu May 11, 2006

This shy pair who do their best to hide from sight are at last nesting. One could be seen sat on a nest quite clearly this morning aand was still there this afternoon. Looks very promising!
The nest is high up and under cover and built on a strong platform which is ideal.


Mon May 22, 2006

Whilst an interim check showed an empty nest. This is now the second morning that one bird has been sat at the nest site.


Mon July 3,2006

The male could clearly be heard singing.


Tue Jul 04, 2006

The hen could be seen at the nest site sitting intermittently.
At one inspection three eggs were noted. The next inspection there were none.
It seems that the pair are still very shy nesters, despite being given a very quiet spot.


Wed Jul 12, 2006

Jul 11th:
They have a full nest of eggs.


Thu Jul 20, 2006

They seemed to have tossed the eggs out again.


Fri Jul 28, 2006

They have now been moved to a different aviary.
This aviary has a nest site screened by shrub.


African Pied Crows



Sat May 27, 2006

The nest was checked this morning and there were 4 eggs. Typical Corvid very heavily blotched.


Tue Jun 06, 2006

5th June:
Watched as the female lifted herself clear of the nest and put her underneath as if she was feeding young.
Have increased food available in anticipation.


Tue Jul 04, 2006

Two young successfully hatched!
These were removed at the 'pin feather' stage for hand rearing.




Sun May 07, 2006

An egg appeared in the paddock today!


Fri May 12, 2006

After placing the egg in the prepared nest area, they have been joined by two more.


Mon May 22, 2006

After more than a week of sitting in some of the worst rain for the time of year, the male seems to have deserted the nestsite.
it is difficult to say whether he was actually incubating or merely protecting the eggs.

It is a pity these birds shun any sort of shelter.


Tue Jul 04, 2006

The new clutch started disappearing and the new nest sites abandoned. Though never seen, it is assumed a fox may well be visiting at night, scuppering any chance of breeding this year



Mexican House Finch

Wed May 03, 2006

This proven pair are usually kept in an inside flight but this year are in the colony with the Java Finches and Pekin Robins.

I can see the hen sat on a nest and I presume she is incubating.


Thu May 11, 2006

Today the hen was off the nest and there seems to be at least two quite well feathered babies.


Mon May 22, 2006

A healthy fledged Mexican House finch could be seen today flying in the aviary.


Tue Jul 04, 2006

A second nest of babies is well under way.



Lineolated Parakeets


Sat May 13, 2006

A blue male is paired with a split blue female.
They have laid their first egg.


Tue Jul 04, 2006

A single chick is almost fledged.
Hopefully, the hen will lay again.

Java Doves

Wed May 03, 2006

The first of the season has fledged.


Mon Jul 03, 2006

A total of three were produced before they were rehomed.

Diamond Doves


Wed May 03, 2006

Several pairs are being allowed to nest. One pair lives in the colony outside with Pekin Robins and Java Finches. Other pairs live in a colony in an inside flight.
It seems that while two pairs will fight, three pairs will almost certainly live in harmony.


Mon Jul 03, 2006

Strangely the one pair in teh outside flight produced one clutch and have not nested since.
The colony inside continues to produce young and about 20 have been bred so far.

Zebra Finches

Sat Apr 22, 2006
The first of the 2006 bred have fledged.
This year I will be breeding Black Cheeked only.


Mon Jul 03, 2006

If only they had not kept escaping from their flight, I am sure I would have bred more. Eventually manged to fledge about 20 offspring from the small colony.
Having now moved the ones I want to retain to a more secure flight. No doubt they will produce again.



Mailbar Starlings


Wed May 03, 2006

These have made a nest in the supplied nestbox. Hopefully eggs will soon follow.


Wed May 17, 2006

Male Malibar Starling.

Blue Headed Pionus


Thu May 11, 2006

The hen has now spent her second day in the nestbox. She gives me the eye but will not reveal if she has actually laid any eggs yet.
She has laid before, so I am optimistic.


Fri May 12, 2006

Caught the hen out of the nestbox today and she has laid her first egg.


Sat Apr 22, 2006

The first on the perch are from a pair of Irish fancy. From a hatch of four, three have fledged successfully. The hen has nested in the same site and is laying again.


Wed Apr 26, 2006

Discovered more eggs laid today!


Thu May 11, 2006

An inspection in the outdoor mixed colony revealed a cinnamon hen with two babies just starting to feather up.

Cuban Finches


Wed May 03, 2006

These cheery little birds have already nested and produced eggs but none were fertile.

Java Sparrow


Wed May 03, 2006

Some eggs were laid early in the year in the colony of proven breeders outside. However, these failed to hatch, probably due to the cold weather.

Last years young still await to be sold, but are already laying eggs. These have been placed under the Bengalese and some have hatched already.

Peach Faced Lovebirds

Wed May 03, 2006

I have two pairs living as a quartet. One pair being tame. They are currently incubating eggs.

Bengalese Finch


Wed May 03, 2006

Having still to rehome last year's breedings, I am using these for fostering purposes. Hopefully, they will contribute to increasing the numbers of the rarer species kept.

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