Here are notes and pictures.
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Azure Winged Magpies. The colony increased it's number by another four. The preferred nest site was an open fronted nestbox.

Black Throated Laughing Thrush. A very near miss, this baby left the nest, but was seen to have a head injury and died some days later. Maybe next time.

Diamond Doves. Note the unusual shade.

Ducks. Easy but fun :)

Grey Sided Laughing Thrush. I think they had eggs, but nothing came of it.

Hecks Grassfinches. Willing breeders in my large indoor flight.

Senegal Parrot. Several pairs of these bred.

Silverbills. Slow to breed with larger birds in the same flight.

White Tailed Jay. My second year of breeding these wonderful birds.

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Chris & Jan Iles

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